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Meet the Owner-Directors



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Christy M. Lagarde-Spears

Christy began dancing at the age of 4 at the Benjamin's School of Dance and Gymnastics, and completed her dance training 12 years later.  Upon her completion of 2 years of student teaching, she became an instructor at Benjamin's teaching Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Baton Twirling. Christy has received a Bachelor of Science from Xavier University of Louisiana, a Master's from Texas Southern University and a Doctorate from University of Holy Cross.

Michele T. Lagarde-May

Michele started dancing at 5 years of age. She graduated from the Benjamin's School of Dance and Gymnastics after 12 years of dance training.  After completing 2 years of  Student Teaching, she went on to become a full time Staff Instructor in Jazz, Tap and Ballet.  Michele also has a Bachelor of Science degree from Xavier University of  Louisiana,  and a Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Kansas Medical Center.

Myla R. Poree

Myla started dancing at 3 years old at Benjamin's School of Dance and Gymnastics. Throughout her 12 years of dance training she has studied ballet, pointe, jazz, and tap. After graduating, Myla was a teacher's assistant for 2 years and later joined the teaching staff as a ballet teacher.  Myla received her Bachelor of Science Degree from Xavier University of Louisiana and her graduate degree from Texas Southern University. She pioneered MRP Coaching and Consulting, is a published author and has launch a successful Pod Cast: Mommying, Thriving and Surviving.

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